Jennifer Hecker

Apron for Peeling Onions

I was one of 41 regional artists invited to create a new work in response to a piece in the collection of the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, New York in celebration of its centennial. The work I chose was Lilly Martin Spencer’s Peeling Onions.

I always liked this painting. There is such a nice combination of strength (arm holding a raised knife) and vulnerability (tears in her eyes). Since the woman depicted is working in a kitchen and not wearing an apron, I decided to make one for her.

Apron for Peeling Onions was exhibited next to the painting in Memorial Art Gallery the spring of 2013 in the exhibition, “Art Reflected: The Inspiration of One Hundred Years.”

19 in x 17 in x 15 in
Painted metal mesh, glass shards (broken bottles & jars), glue, glass teardrops, knife