Jennifer Hecker

Convocation Torch

In 2010, to mark The College at Brockport’s 175th year, I was asked to create a “Convocation Torch” to be used in the annual event that welcomes new students to campus. My design for this cast bronze torch was inspired by an African drum in celebration of our Academic Convocation tradition of our procession being led by Sankofa, our African Dance and Drum Ensemble, which has been part of this event from its beginning. The torch key is a variation on the College’s torch and shield logo. It seemed appropriate that education be the “key” because how a torch gets lit—what ignites the flame, inspires the minds, sparks the imagination, etc.—is so important.

Torch top: 21 in x 10 in x 10 in overall height: 72 in
Cast and welded bronze